Monday, February 21, 2011

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Your Chiropractic Doctor wants you to know that the Nervous System controls all other systems of the body. The Nervous system is the master system.  As a Scottsdale Chiropractor you should know that a pinched nerve can reduce the function of that nerve by 90%. That reduction in function can cause pain and internal organ problems or organic problem. Chiropractors treat the pinched nerve or the pinched spinal cord. Treating these types of problems will improve the function of the nervous system. If you get Whiplash from a car accident and your neck gets whipped from side to side, this can cause the vertebra to pinch a nerve. This pinched nerve can be in the neck, lower back or anywhere around the spine. If you have a Headache and the pain lasts for days or weeks, this can be due to a pinched nerve. Chiropractors can adjust the vertebra to fix a pinched nerve. The vertebra that misaligns usually is the culprit that pinches the nerve. Get checked from your Chiropractor. I have been in practice for 15 years in Scottsdale, Az. I would be happy to check for any pinched nerves you may have “Free of charge". Check out our website at or

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